Friday, January 18, 2013

Can you keep a secret?

You may have noticed something of a dearth of posts here lately. There are a few reasons behind that.

I'd like to tell you about one of those reasons today.

As some of you know (or may have surmised from my cryptic tweets), MartianCraft started a Skunkworks project about seven months ago that we've been referring to internally as "Project Boo". It's been quite an undertaking by a fairly large team. My personal involvement, other than a few small code contributions, has mostly been to keep the wheels from falling off of our existing contracting business while the skunkworks team toils away, but I'm still incredibly proud of what we've created. I have been surprised on more than one occasion by how cool the Project Boo software is, and how amazing it looks.

We started a very limited alpha a few weeks ago, and this past Monday, we shipped our first beta build to testers, code named "Tarkin". Beta 2, code named "Needa", will ship on Monday.

For almost seven months, we've done a pretty good job of keeping the existence of Project Boo under wraps. As hard as it was, we kept things quiet. We demoed early builds to some friends and acquaintances, but otherwise, mum was the word.

Then, this week, it finally slipped.

One of our beta testers talked about Project Boo during a podcast interview. We were nicely given the opportunity to have the discussion redacted, but after some discussions, Rob and I decided we were close enough to our release date to let the genie out of the bottle just a little.

Project Boo's real name may be familiar to a few of you: it will ship under the name Briefs.

So, without further ado, I'd like to point you to Project Boo's freshly updated website:

Media inquiries about Briefs can be sent to Rob.