Tuesday, June 5, 2012


My MartianCraft business partner, Rob, today released a new, very slick camera app called Pris. It's available on the App Store here, and you can read Rob's blog post introducing Pris' features and his motivation for writing it here.

I don't normally do product announcements here, even for friends, but given the ordeal Rob went through with his last app, Briefs, which sat in review for over a year and was never approved for App Store sale, I wanted to get the word out about his new app, which (thankfully) made it through review with only one hiccup.

There are a lot of camera apps, but Pris has been under development for a very long time and is pretty awesome. It gives you, for example, live feedback, including a realtime histogram, and precise control over focus and exposure. 

Pris is on sale for a limited time at $1.99.