Wednesday, October 5, 2011

Sad Mac

Sad mac

I haven't had much time for blogging lately. I have about a half-dozen unfinished blog posts in my queue, but have been too busy to finish any of them.

One of the things keeping me busy right now is work for Apple through MartianCraft. This work, in many ways, is a dream come true for me, as I wanted to work for Apple for years and never managed it.

I started programming on an Apple ][+ in 1980 and Apple has been a part of my life ever since then. I don't need to look much further than the desk I'm sitting at to realize just how much my life has been impacted by this company called Apple started in a garage by two guys named Steve. I make a living using Apple's products and developing for Apple's products, but more importantly, my life is better because of their products.

I took a few hours away from my desk this evening and returned to the news of Steve Jobs' death. I came back to news that quite literally felt like a kick in the stomach. And I mean literally. My stomach hurts.

It seems odd to feel this way about a man I never met. I've only once been closer to Steve Jobs than the front section of Moscone West or North, and that was when I accidentally knocked into him on the show floor at MacWorld one year. But I feel like an old friend has died. I'm fighting back tears, and maybe I should be ashamed of that.

But I'm not.

Steve died far too young. I think a few tears are in order.


Bruno Belotti said...

Same feeling here, Jeff.
I never met him, I never stayed in the same room, actually. But, surprisingly enough, it's like I lost a good friend.
But, if I think about it, I'm pretty sure he actually was a good friend, in an unconventional way.
He was an inspiration, an innovator, an icon.
I was hoping to meet him face to face, one day, but this won't happen.
And that makes me sadder.
56 years are too little, I'm so sorry for relatives, it has to be awful.

Bruno Antunes said...

We will all miss you Steve. Hope you build an Apple in heaven and live a long life there. You deserve it.

Thanks for what you have done is this world.


Symmetric said...

From the other side of the fence, I've never been a fan of Apple products, but I'm sad for the loss of Steve as he's always pushed the envelope and made others sit up and take notice. He's made the computing industry what it is today and it's hard to say where we would be as consumers without his contributions.

Rest in peace, Steve.

amarender kanala said...

The feeling was really like missing a family member we all miss Steve

ZuCom said...

Ditto.. after 30+ years it's truly been a journey. One abbreviated way too soon and one many of us had come to cherish.

The world lost a great visionary leader with Steve's passing.

ZuCom said...

Ditto.. After 30+ years it still feels like the journey has been abbreviated.

In his passing the world lost a visionary leader, passionate entrepreneur and friend.

May you find the road that rises, may the passion Steve inspired be on that path.