Monday, October 10, 2011


So, like others, I was tempted to write a defense of the iPhone 4S after all the pundits and naysayers came out last week calling the iPhone 4S "disappointing". I'm glad I never found the time. As it turns out the iPhone 4s doesn't need anybody to stand up for it.

1,000,000 phones sold on the first day of pre-orders. That's 400,000 more than the iPhone 4.

And, that's not counting the number that will sell on October 14th when they arrive at the Apple Stores in 7 countries.

There's also a large batch of countries that don't get the phone until October 28, and a whopping 40 more countries (including China, where new Apple Stores have been shattering sales records lately) that won't get the iPhone 4s until some time in December.

Yeah. Disappointing. You guys in the media sure nailed that one.


DLahay said...

I'd never heard of that site before they published that article. Are they a real site? Feels like the whole site is just "link bait"; as it were.

Tomas McGuinness said...

It's fair to say that the annoucement wasn't what people expected or wanted, given the anticipation built up around the iPhone 5.

The astonishing presales figures don't really mean anything in that context. Just because something isn't what you expected doesn't mean it won't sell.

Mark Petereit said...

I've learned to ignore pretty much everything the media has to say pre-launch any Apple device. But I sometimes ponder how much of the pre-launch hype is actually misdirection from Apple themselves.

mike3k said...

A lot of people (including myself) aren't eligible for an upgrade yet, so expect the numbers to go up. I plan to get a 64GB unit next month when I become eligible.

Jeff LaMarche said...

Tomas McGuinness:

Really? You think that record sales have nothing to do with whether a product is "disappointing"?

Of course the product wasn't exactly what everybody were expecting. But "disappointing" doesn't mean something's not 100% match to your expectations, it means something fell considerably short of those expectations. People don't buy things that fall considerably short of their expectations unless they have no real choice.

Chris Lavender said...

Best blogger comment that I saw (on Mashable I think) was about Siri. Something to the effect of "who wants to be caught talking to their phone? Seriously? Since when is it unusual to talk to your phone?

Joe said...

At the risk of sounding clich├ęd: Haters gonna hate. :)

Stacey said...

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