Thursday, May 19, 2011

Pre-WWDC Schedule Update

The good news:

The additional bus is a go! We'll be opening up payment for those seats this weekend to people who signed the interest form, and then opening it up to the public 24 hours later until seats are gone. The third bus will leave Moscone a bit later than the other two (11:30 and 3:45), but will not stop at SFO. If you're interested in the additional bus, but need to be picked up at SFO, drop me an e-mail (jeff at martiancraft dot com) or send me a tweet, and we'll see if we can find a way to accommodate you by shuffling a few seats. Update: The third bus will stop at SFO!.

The bad news:

There will not be another bus once we fill this one. We're already threatening to overflow both The Company Store and BJ's, a fourth bus would be overkill even if we were sure we could fill it, which I'm not at all sure we could do anyway.As of right now, there are approximately 25 spaces left on the third and final bus.

The interest form will remain open until we either run out of seats, or we open up the reservation payment again. People who signed up on interest form get dibs on the remaining seats.One final note: last year, we had some people show up without signing up in advance. Please don't do that this year. Simply put, we won't have any place to put you. The bus company won't let people stand while the bus is driving, so if you're interested in going, you've got to reverse a seat in advance.

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