Thursday, February 24, 2011

Lion in the House

Today, Apple released a preview version of Mac OS X Lion, but only for registered Mac developers. This is a big release, not just in terms of front-end experience, but also under the hood. A lot of the changes are influenced by UIKit and iOS, hence the moniker "Back to the Mac", but there's also a fair amount of completely new goodness, some of which will likely roll down to iOS at some point.

If you're an iOS developer, but not a Mac developer, it's probably worth $99 to get access to Tiger Lion. It'll give you a better idea of where Apple is taking things.

Plus, there's just a lot of really cool stuff in there.

Interestingly, the OS preview is being delivered via the Mac App Store, which might be a hint at how paid OS upgrades will be handled in the future.

Members of the Mac developer program can log into the Mac Developer site to download Lion, the release notes, and a new version of Xcode 4.


Niklas said...

So, I use this Lion beta, will I be able to submit apps iOS through this OS to the appstore... or will I need a separate install... I.e. is it possibly to run this beta on my main development machine?

Gabor said...

Is the new HIG available?

Jeff LaMarche said...


Nope. You need to install this on a separate partition, separate hard drive, or separate computer, because a) it's a developer preview, which is generally pre-beta and not guaranteed to be stable, and b) release builds have to be built using non-beta, non-preview tools and OS.


I have not yet checked, but probably should. There are some definite changes to the UI with this release that will affect the HIG.

adamwillsss said...

Thanks for sharing this post.

Carl said...

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