Tuesday, February 22, 2011

Apple Outsider on the Subscription "Hubbub"

I have a very short list of "must-read" blogs. While I have a much bigger list of blogs I read as time permits, the list of ones that I check every morning before I buckle down to work consists of only about a half-dozen blogs by people in our industry who really know their stuff. One of those blogs is Apple Outside, written by former Apple Evangelist, Cocoa Guru, and all-around nice guy Matt Drance (not to be confused with the more intimidating BatDrance who is most definitely not Matt's alter-ego).

I've been keeping my head low on the whole subscription kerfuffle that's been happening in the iOS dev world. Partially that's just because I'm busy and don't have time to pen a long blog-rant, but it's also because it's a complex situation on which I don't have a fully-formed opinion yet. Matt's even-handed take on the situation does a great job of articulating the situation and is well worth reading.


nick said...

Can you give us the list of bloggers you read every morning? Always on the lookout for new CoCoa/Tech blogs.


adamwillsss said...

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