Saturday, October 9, 2010

Tile Cutter Open Sourced

I have open-sourced Tile Cutter under the MIT license and put it on Github as a public project. This application was written extremely quickly (less than half a day) because I needed the functionality for a client project, so there are several things about this application that are klugey, including some uncomfortable crossing of the boundaries between what a view should do and what a controller should.

But, it works, and I don't see myself having time to go clean it up anytime soon, so I'm donating it to the public good, warts and all. I welcome back any enhancements, bug fixes, or modifications, but you are not required to give anything back under the license.


Igor said...

Just had a quick look at the code and I was surprised not to find CGImageCreateWithImageInRect() and CGBitmapContextCreate() functions in there. Instead, you have NSImage & NSBitmapImageRep methods used in the code.

It was all new to me. So, the question is why doesn't Apress (or any other publisher) make a general book about Cocoa(Touch) graphics APIs, Quartz & CoreGraphics, CoreImage, text, fonts, animations, all the Cocoa classes like NSBitmapImageRep, and everything else we can use to draw things on Mac & iOS? Is there something like this in the pipeline?

Jeff LaMarche said...

NSImage and NSBitmapImageRep are Cocoa-only, they're not available in Cocoa Touch (NSImage is the equivalent of UIImage, NSBitmapImageRep doesn't have a Cocoa Touch counterpart - you have to use lower level CG calls).

My philosophy is to use the highest abstraction I can to accomplish a job. I don't use CG calls when NSImage and NSBitmapImageRep are sufficient.

As for why Apress doesn't have a book on any specific topic, I can't answer, but I'm guessing because there's not enough perceived demand for such niche books. Learn Cocoa has sold a fraction of what Beginning iPhone Development has sold, and a more specialized Cocoa book would likely sell even less.

But, you'll have to go to Apress for the real answer, this is just conjecture on my part.

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Melvin said...

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