Thursday, October 28, 2010

OpenGL ES 2.0 Book

I've been getting a lot of questions lately about the status of my OpenGL ES 2.0 book for PragProg. What I've been telling people is: "it's about half done but I have no idea when I'll be able to finish it". To say I've been busy lately would be an understatement of epic proportions. As a part-owner of a business in its first year, being too busy is a great problem to have, but it does take its tolls in both subtle and not-so-subtle ways.

When you combine how busy I am with the fact that I've been completely unable to get even ballpark information about when Xcode 4 will go GM (the book is heavily based on Xcode 4), it means I simply cannot nail down a production schedule for the book. Even if I had time to finish the book right now, it can't be published until the Xcode 4 NDA drops. It also makes no sense to revise the book to a version of Xcode which is soon to become obsolete.

As a result, today, I made the difficult decision, along with my editor at Prags, to indefinitely shelve the OpenGL ES 2.0 book project. I would have liked to keep the project open and work on it whenever I have time, but that wouldn't have been fair to my publisher. They have to plan their production pipeline very carefully and a book with no set timeline throws a real monkey wrench into that process, which I really don't want to do. The door has been left open for me pick the book up in the future if and when I have time, but for now, it's coming off the production schedule to free up resources for other authors' books.

I have requested permission to post the existing seven chapters of the manuscript to my blog (tweaked so I'm not violating the Xcode 4 NDA, of course). From a contractual and legal point of view, I cannot just post what I've written without the the permission of my publisher. Prags has been nothing but fair, patient, and a pleasure to deal with and I want to make sure I'm just as fair to them and also comply fully with my contract.

However, if I can find a path to posting the chapters that's legal, ethical, and doesn't harm my relationship with Prags, I will do so.


ricardo said...

That's a shame Jeff, I hope you can get it done eventually. I think I speak for allot people, that we will still be waiting for your book.
Good luck for your startup, hopefully when you become a millionaire you wont stop posting articles in your blog.

All the best

Cole said...

Wow - writing a book entirely with a beta IDE that crashes every 10 minutes - you've got more patience than I ever will!

Hope to see the book come out eventually!

Best of luck with martiancraft!

Jonathan said...

Jeff thanks for sharing the update with us. Like many others I am hoping you can publish something and soon.

Your original OpenGL/ES blogs were great and we all need the revised words of wisdom covering the new ES pipeline.

I'm sure that I am not the only one who is trying to come up to speed with OpenGL from a base of zero. We need a good book and your style of writing is just right.

best of luck with all your projects.

Mark said...

Hey Jeff, Sorry to hear that you had to stop writing the book. I applaud you for taking on such a task in your "free" time. Sometimes, sleep is a better option :). I look forward to seeing what you've written so far. Perhaps you can do it in a series of posts on the Apple Forums :).

nacho4d said...

I also think that's a shame... but there were no other chances right now. I hope you can publish it eventually Jeff.

Denis said...

I'm really looking forward to reading the book so I hope you pick it up again when the stars align.

However, one sentence really stood out for me:

if I can find a path to do something unanticipated that's legal, ethical, and doesn't harm my relationship with my client, I will do so

What a terrific sentiment! If more people followed this approach, we'd need a lot less contracts (and lawyers).

About PewterSoft... said...

Sadness. I totally understand, but still ... sniff.

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