Tuesday, September 21, 2010

Complaining About Success

If you want to see how little sympathy you can get from those around you, try complaining about being successful. It just doesn't tend to be a problem over which people shed tears on your behalf. But I'm actually not here to complain. I'm really thrilled that MartianCraft is growing steadily and, more importantly, that we're getting interesting work.

I did think it was worth popping in here to explain my absence of late, however. I've got several partially written posts sitting in MarsEdit, including a couple for my recently-started and just-as-lonely personal blog. But time has become a scarce commodity for me, and will likely remain that way for at least the next month or two, possibly even longer. Even my OpenGL ES book for prags has suffered lately as I've been basically working double-time trying to catch up on my workload. Even the move to Florida is being affected, as we probably won't get our house on the market now until the new year.

The fact that I've been doing so much coding does mean that I've got some great ideas for blog posts, so hopefully once the dust settles, I'll have some goodies for you, but bear with me in the meantime.

Oh, and a somewhat related note. A client of MartianCraft is looking for a really mobile developer to work in New York City. They'll be happy with any mobile experience, with preference for iPhone or Android experience. Having both is ideal. This client is a very large media company and you'd basically be responsible for leading one division's mobile efforts, starting with maintaining their existing apps, but eventually eventually extending them and building new ones. It's a great opportunity for the right person. If you're in New York or willing to relocate there and have some good mobile chops, drop me an e-mail with your resume (my main e-mail is my twitter name at mac dot com or you can send them to jeff at martiancraft dot com) and I'll put it in front of the hiring manager.


Harshal Bhatt said...
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ScottYelich said...

I could pass the job info to a few of my friends, if you want to send it to me. How should I/we contact you -- your profile says "jeff_lamarche@mac.com" but you haven't responded to email sent there.