Friday, February 12, 2010

Milk Carton

Have you been looking for my face on the back of your milk cartons? If so, don't worry, I'm still around, it's just been quite a crazy couple of weeks for me. I have one week of relative normality and then I'm back on the road for NSConference USA.

Anyway, by my reckoning, I owe you a few things:
  • My impressions of the Android SDK
  • My thoughts on the Nexus One
  • A battle report of NSConference UK
  • Another OpenGL ES tutorial

These will start to slowly trickle out this week, however, I've had so much downtime the last few weeks, I do need to focus on some contracting work that has been building up, so the pace may be less than I'd like.

For those of you in the U.S., you really should consider checking out NSConference USA in Atlanta, Georgia starting a week from Sunday. Scotty, Tim and the rest of the crew do a hell of a job, and despite some crazy travel difficulties, it was still one of the most enjoyable weeks I've had in a long time. Lots of smart, friendly, geeky people in one place. It was a blast, and very educational. I'll be speaking on both the Mac and iPhone days and will be there the whole week.


DMThomas said...

Do you know if MDN will be selling videos for both 2010 conferences like they did for the 2009 one?

Were they video taping your sessions?

Jeff LaMarche said...


You'd have to ask Scotty for the official answer. The last time I was talking with him, he was still trying to decide what to do this year.

Jeff LaMarche said...

Oh, and yes, they did video tape my sessions, but if they sell them, I hope they use the Atlanta ones - I gave my first one in sweat pants and fluffy slippers in complete sleep deprivation. It wasn't pretty.

nukemhill said...

Fluffy slippers. Worth the price of admission alone.