Monday, January 11, 2010

NSConference 2010

Just wanted to remind people that NSConference Europe is coming up at the beginning of February in the U.K. and three weeks later in Atlanta, Georgia. I've agreed to give three presentations this year, one on Mac development, and two on iPhone development, though my Mac presentation actually talks mostly about Objective-C and foundation and is equally applicable to iPhone.

I'm really jazzed about both NSConferences, and am excited to be listed alongside some of these crazy good speakers. The speaker list this year includes Mike Lee, Wolf Rentzsch, Dave Dribin, Mat Gemmell, Drew McCormack, Aaron Hillegas, Marcus Zarra, and Andy Finnell, and I may have even missed some. If I were to include the previous conferences, the list would read like a who's who of Mac development.

If you're not already planning to go, you really should consider it. I've heard nothing but great things about NSConference.

I'll be arriving in the U.K. on Saturday, January 30, 2010, and this will be my first time there, so I'm looking forward to it. There's also a rumor going around that they have beer in the U.K. I'm just sayin'…


@_powpow_ said...

there is beer indeed...
we should set up a #NSConfPubCrawl on twitter :)


Gareth said...

there is also Guinness and a thing called Real ale to look forward to :)

Chris Walters said...

I've written a pub guide for you:

Jeff LaMarche said...

Nice! Real Ale sounds right up my alley, and Guinness is my some of my favorite mass-produced swill (also rather fond of Newcastle Brown, though not so much in the bottle) - you guys do the whole "mass produced beer" far better than we do, though we do have some really good craft and micro brews if you know where to look.

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