Wednesday, January 20, 2010

Indie Relief

In the opinion piece I wrote yesterday, I stated that I didn't want to believe the Mac software market was dying. After thinking it through, I really don't think it is, but today I got yet another reminder of why I don't want it to be true: Indie Mac developers are just great people. That was one of the things that attracted me to Mac development back in the days when Mac development really was a dead-end as a career path.

Case in point: Indie Relief. Over 150 Mac and iPhone developers have banded together to offer all proceeds of the sales from their application to Haiti to help with the relief efforts there. Now, if you know about the economics of indie software development, you should realize that this is a pretty big deal. Few indie developers are living the high life, and many scrape by some months. Yet, all the developers listed on the Indie Relief page are donating every last cent of their income from their application for a period of time. We're not talking about donating $10 or $100 dollars, we're talking about basically handing over paychecks.

Take a look over the list, and if there's some software you've been thinking about buying, now is the perfect time to do it.