Thursday, January 28, 2010

GizModo Also Knows About Not Sucking…

Since I linked to them when they denigrated the iPad, it's only fair if I also link to them when they do the opposite, so here it is. Good article.

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Goldfrapp said...

Totally agree with them. It's like those movie critics that are obsessed by the latter part of their title: "criticizing".

I received a call from my Dad, who a year ago got a macbook and just didn't get it. He called me yesterday from another continent to talk about getting him the iPad!! I sat and realized the philosophy behind Apple and why they are well on their way to domination. Quite logical since there needs to be a company out there that says "Hey! How can we 'de-geek-ify' technology." And only then does one start seeing the perfect congruency of their decisions.