Friday, January 29, 2010

Adobe's Unhappy

I was going to respond to Adobe's self-serving, biased, and not entirely factually accurate blog post, but rather than incur more wrath from the legion of Flash "developers", I'm just going to link to Chris Rawson's piece at TUAW.

Regardless of how the iPad does, with over 70 million iPhone OS devices in the world that don't run Flash, content providers who currently use depend on Flash HAVE to be looking at other options. In many cases, the other option will be an alternative instead of completely supplanting Adobe, but either way, it's good for the web.


David said...

I wonder if anyone at Adobe is looking at the comment thread for that post? it is like 99% pure hatred for how Adobe has managaged the flash platform.

Bradster said...

Im a Flash Developer, Andrtoid Developer and iPhone Developer. Apple is grinding itself into the ground with these arrogant decisions. Surely they dont think that the web revolves around the iPhone. 98% Flash coverage vs 70 million iPhones. theres more Flash players out there than windows machines put together. That makes the little iPhone market a drop in the ocean.

Anyhow, I mark this as the start of the end of Apple. No way will it be able to compete with the Android smartphone onslaught. Sure Apple may sell to the devotees, but its the other new market that will the fresh hunting groiund for the Android manufacturers. With the FULL internet in its ammunition, Apple will look like child play, no matter how much apps are out there.

As a demonstration, I asked my wife is she would like one but because she cant run Farmville on it, it was a overwhelming "Hell no!".

Down with Apple's policies!

Marijan Vukcevich said...

Flash is plugin, not a standard.

it's a sickness, like iepngfix for ie6.

You should not need to download/install any kind of plugin to watch any content from the web, including videos, games etc, etc.

why things like html5 was not incorporated sooner, beats me, but big guns(corporate) have played roll here for sure.

my two cents:

Die! Die! Die!

Let's move on!!!

PhoneFreelancer said...

Flash is going to be the new age of iPhone apps, considering how many developers are out there that are extremely experienced developing flash apps, will now be able to convert them to the iPhone with adobes iPhone app packaging software, or so i've read. Should be interesting.