Thursday, November 5, 2009

T-Minus 3 Hours

In approximately three hours, I will be presenting at the Apple Store SoHo in New York City. The meeting starts at 6:00pm, I go on around 7:00. In practice, my material spans about an hour, but I usually talk faster when I have an audience, so I hope people come with questions.

Nervousness hasn't really kicked in yet. I'm sure it will.

The range of backgrounds of the audience worries me a bit. I know that there will be developers in the audience, as well as people who have never written a single line of code in their lives. I don't want to bore anybody. I also don't want to confuse or frustrate anybody, so I've decided to take a little different tack. Hard to sum up the approach I'm taking, so I won't try, but I do hope people will enjoy it. Or at least won't hurt me.

And I promise, only one slide mentions Flash at all and I'm not going to do any Flash-bashing at the Apple Store. As for what I say after the presentation, I make no promises.


jouni said...

Can you make your slides available afterwards? Would they be readable / usable for anyone who was not there listening to you in the first place?

Just curious, nothing else... Waiting for the next book :)

colinta said...

How did it go? I wish Denver had that kind of development community!

Andy said...

Jeff, great talk! And I finally remembered the authors I was thinking of at dinner (I was the guy on your left). One was the late Cary Lu, but he didn't write the books I was thinking of. *That* author was Stephen Chernicoff, author of Macintosh Revealed, Volumes One and Two. I think you might have tossed his name out; if you did, it didn't ring a bell until I saw the book cover.

Jeff LaMarche said...


Thanks for coming. It was nice meeting you, and hopefully I can make it down there for a NYC CocoaHeads.

I remember owning the Stephen Chernicoff books, but I don't think I had any of Cary Lu's books - no bells ringing.


Are you insane? Denver has a rocking iPhone developer community. You've got Bill Dudney, Erica Sadun, the Fall 360 iDev takes place there, you've got Double Encore, Joe Pezzillo, and I'm sure many others that I'm forgetting about. You guys have more iPhone developers per capita than probably any place outside of the Bay Area and maybe Seattle. You should check out one of the Meetups, NSCoder nights, or CocoaHeads to get in touch, because there's lots of good people there.


I don't currently have plans to make the slides available, only because they're not very polished and most of the material was verbal. The slides were often things like pictures of old computers and books. Not sure there'd be all that much value.

K. A. Barber said...


Yeah, Colorado Springs has quite a few IPhone Developers working on all sorts of interesting apps floating around also.

I will say I have never been to any Cocoaheads meet-ups Denver or Colo. Springs but it has more to do with me having kids and no time than not wanting to go.