Monday, October 26, 2009

Two More iPhone Boot Camp Workshops

I'll be teaching the iPhone Boot Camp in New York City again on December 5-7. Like last time, I'll be teaching one half of a six-day workshop, with Steve Kochan doing the other half, so the full dates are December 2-7, and it's downtown, about two blocks from Penn Station, so it's easy to get there. Steve will be doing three days in Objective-C, and I'll follow with three days of iPhone development, and you can choose to take either class separately or both together.

We're also going to do the same format in Chicago on December 11-16, with the iPhone portion of the workshop that I'll be teaching happening on December 14, 15, and 16.

I'll post links to the signup page once I've received them from the iPhone Boot Camp folks.


Keyvisuals said...

Jeff, will you ever be coming to florida? I can't find any decent training on the east coast. Specificly Fla. If not you, can you recommend any other classes? Thanks

Jeff LaMarche said...


I currently have no plans to come to NYC, but I'd certainly be open to teaching a class down there if there were enough people interested to fill up a class.

Heck, I'd be thrilled to teach a class down there in the dead of winter :)


Eddie said...


What's needed in terms of class size to get you to an area? I'd love to get you around VA so we could get a class.