Thursday, October 1, 2009


Today, I received the Japanese and Korean translations of Beginning iPhone 3 Development, along with the Japanese translation of Learn Objective-C 2.0, which I was the tech reviewer on. I really like these, though I can't read a word of either language.


Ken Pespisa said...

It's fascinating to see the various covers, especially to see how they are designed to appeal to different cultures. I can't read either language, but purely from a visual standpoint I'd avoid the cover on the Objective-C book if I was browsing in a book store.

Jeff LaMarche said...


I'm no expert on Japanese culture, but I've seen enough Japanese book covers to think that it would probably be seen as a perfectly appropriate cover design for a tech book there.

But yeah, pink isn't a big tech-book seller here in the states.


mare said...

You can at least read the word iPhone :-)

(And Objective-C and SDK although that acronym might not count as word.