Friday, October 9, 2009

Mobile Photoshop

Adobe just released a mobile version of Photoshop for the iPhone. Let me just surprise a few people here by saying that Adobe did a pretty awesome job with this. It's a really nice little application, and it's free. Sweet. Although it doesn't appear to be available in all of the international versions of the App Store yet.

I can't help but think that this would have been a good showcase application to show off what Flash-generated iPhone applications can do. Alas, it appears to be a bog-standard Objective-C application, complete with nibs and byte-swapped PNG images.


Matthew Fabb said...

I asked about if the Photoshop iPhone application was made with Flash CS5 on Twitter and got this response:

Adobe: "@matthewfabb Nope. This one was native. Time lines didn't match up, maybe next time."

Matty said...

I think this is one of the least impressive applications I have seen on the iPhone - frankly a company as large and as well funded coming out with this app is embarrassing.

For those flash developers read the FAQ on flash for iPhone: Even more pathetic: performance is going to be horrible might as well just learn objective c - this wouldn't be so hard for action scripters anyway. Build your skills.

K. A. Barber said...

The app is a good subset of the functionality on the web site it is based on. Not "Photoshop" but more lite. It is free so I wont complain. I do find it interesting that they are not drinking there own cool-aid yet. This would have been a killer opportunity to show off there new CS5 feature.

Jeff LaMarche said...


You must be pretty selective about what you download. While Mobile Photoshop is not earth-shattering, it's a solid little application with a pretty decent interface, and it's free.

I'm the first one to knock Adobe for their failings, but I've seen so many crap iPhone applications that I think you're being a little unfair.

karl_n said...

I'm with Jeff. I actually think this is a pretty decent app. There's only a handful of good photo manipulation apps out there and none of the good ones are are free (and this is both). Plus, I think there should be a line in the sand between too many features and difficult to operate versus really useful features people can and will use with regularity. My anti-technical mom could probably figure this app out, but there is no way she could ever grasp Photoshop's ever increasing intricacies.

I think Adobe went the right route in releasing an application that the majority can make use of, rather than an app only Photoshop regulars would ever understand.

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