Friday, October 23, 2009

Meet Me, NYC, Nov. 5th

On November 5th, I'll be speaking at the Apple Store SoHo in New York City. I'll be speaking at the MetroMac meeting. The meeting is from 6:00 to 9:00, but I won't be speaking for the entire meeting. I believe I've been given roughly between ninety minutes and two hours, though, which is probably longer than anyone should have to listen to me.

I've been given fairly free reign in terms of what I speak about, as long as it's relevant to the audience (iPhone, Mac, etc), however be aware that MetroMac is not a developer group and the audience will run the gamut from consumer to total gearhead. As a result, the talk will not be particularly technical (at least not hardcore developer-type technical). I'll be leaving about twenty minutes to a half hour for questions, and will be happy to answer questions and chat even after the meeting is done.

Although I've been to the Flagship 5th Avenue store a few times, I've never been to the SoHo store, so I'm really looking forward to the talk, though it'll be the first time I'll have given a non-technical presentation in… well, years, so if I make a fool of myself, pretend I didn't, 'kay?

Because of how far away I live and how late the talk is, I'm also in the city for the night, so I could probably be talked into having a beer or three after the meeting with any City Geeks who are allowed to stay out after curfew.

Live in or near NYC? Stop by and say hi.


Philippe said...

You should come do presentation at the montreal store ;)

Jeff LaMarche said...

If somebody were to ask me, I would definitely come. I love Montréal, and haven't been there in a very long time. I grew up in Plattsburgh, not an hour from Montréal, so know (well, knew) the city fairly well.

Philippe said...

Oh that's great!
how are your french skills?? :P

Melvin said...

Jeff I look forward to meeting you.

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