Thursday, October 15, 2009

The Little Things

I love when Apple's engineers quietly slip little things into the developer tools to make my life better. I commandeered my daughter's iPod Touch to do some peer to peer testing. Her iPod doesn't have my development provisioning profile on it, so when I went to run the app on it, I got this:

I have no idea when they added this, but I know it didn't always give me the option to install and run. It's a little thing, but it saved me from having to go find the right provisioning profile and install it on her iPod.

I'm often quick to note when something doesn't work right or as well as we'd like. I thought it was only fair to take a second to say kudos to Apple for quietly making my life just a little bit easier.


unled said...

Well to be fair, they only simplified something they made horribly complicated in the first place. Not sure how much slack we can cut them for that. I'll say we're even on it.

Timos said...

I noticed this yesterday also. It is really a great improvement and makes life a lot easier. However, you still have to add the ID of the iPod to your developer profile - re-download your provisioning profile etc - but all of that has been made a lot more intuitive than the first time I went through this (it literally took me 6 hours the first time).

pippin said...

This is indeed a nice thing, I was also happy to notice it.
However, it comes at a price: for some reason I now _always_ get this when using the debugger, even after the profile was supposedly installed.