Saturday, October 31, 2009

Lesson from the School of Hard Knocks

If you've got an App in the App Store, or are planning to sell an app there, it might be a good idea to learn from somebody else's mistake.


Malcolm said...

they can just submit a 1.0.1 now to get on the list

pippin said...

But it's even worse then reported:
If you do a 1.0.1 release and NOT change the release date, the old one will stay.
And if you set a forward release date now for 1.0.1 that's close to when you'd expect it to show up, the App will be completely removed until then.
This is a hard one. Been struggeling with that one a lot, too, and eventually gave up (I'm not in games, timing is not that important for me).

Mostly Torn said...

As Malcolm says, it's not a big deal. Just do a 1.0.1 update. When it gets approved, you set the date to the date of the approval email from Apple and the app will appear as newly released with that date.

I've released about 50 apps (mainly for radio stations) and I do this whenever I have a new update and it consistently works. If you set the release date to be the date of Apple's approval of the update, it will appear in the date sorted lists with that date. It may take several hours for the change to take effect, but it does indeed work.

There's no guesswork involved trying to predict when Apple will approve the app. Just patiently wait for the approval email and then change the date when you receive that email.

This has been how the release date works in sorting the apps for at least the past year. What I don't understand is why Apple doesn't publish this information anywhere. It's a frequent point developers seem to not know about, but does the topic does get covered by various blogs every so often.

Burnsoft Ltd said...

This was a frustration for me as my previous 2 apps official release date was a whole week after the date apple decides to put in iTunes. No emails fixed it.
I was even changing the availability date every day when 14 days had gone by in review. Very annoying.

Michael said...

I'm surprised people are still making this mistake. Its well documented on all forums and Apple even make note of it in their iTune Help section.

Shame for the developers but they will soon recover.