Sunday, October 4, 2009

Great Stack Overflow "Question"

I'm not a huge user of Stack Overflow, but that's mostly a byproduct of having very little free time at the moment; I think it's a great resource and am surprised by just how often the exact question I have is answered there, saving me the time of figuring it out or researching the Apple's documentation (don't disregard the documentation just because you find an answer there, though!). When my life settles down a bit, I hope to contribute some responses to unanswered questions.

Recently, somebody referred me to a question on Stack Overflow that's actually a mini-treatise on the use of UIImagePickerController. I'm not sure why the author, Peter Hosey, chose to post this information as a question, but there's a lot of great information there, and it's well worth a read if you use UIImagePickerController in your applications.

Whoops!: I screwed up. As was pointed out in the comments, the original author was Itay Neeman. Itay turned the question into a community Wiki, and Peter Hosey was one of a handful of people who made contributions. My apologies for the screwup.


hollowout said...

Author should be Itay Neeman. Peter Hosey just edited the question, and it's a community wiki now.

jimbo said...

I love stack overflow, its like the way experts-exchange should be.

oneinfinitemonkey said...

I think it's tending towards the wiki-like aspects of Stack Overflow, by posting a load of useful information about a topic. Although the system isn't as geared towards stuff like this, I've seen a few other similar questions and I suppose it's a nice way to present some information that you think others would find useful, even if not strictly a question.

Itay said...

Thanks for the kind words Jeff. There's actually an error in the "question", regarding getting an editable copy of the image contents. Probably time I fix it.