Friday, October 16, 2009

Accessorizer 1.5

I've posted about Accessorizer before. It's just been updated to version 1.5, incorporating a new feature that sprang out of a feature request that was made by yours truly. Actually, it was more of an off-hand comment then a feature request, but Kevin Callahan, the brains behind Accessorizer liked the request and jumped on it with gusto.

The new feature? Accessorizer now has the ability to auto-detect classes that are commonly used as outlets and, if you want it to, will add the IBOutlet keyword automatically to the generated property statements. I've been beta testing this new functionality, and works pretty darn well.

If you do any significant amount of Objective-C programming and haven't tried Accessorizer, I'd really suggest giving it a try. In the application I wrote today for More iPhone 3 Development, I'd estimate that Accessorizer saved me at least five minutes of typing (not to mention greatly reduced the chances of mistakes and typos). I typed in only my instance variables, then a few short keystrokes and about twenty seconds later, I had my property declarations complete with IBOutlet keyword where needed, @synthesize declarations, and both NSCoding methods. You don't have to write too many classes for it to pay for itself if you do this for a living. If you're a hobbyist then, in a way, your time is even more valuable.

And if you're not sure how to use it, or why you would use it, check out the Accessorizer videos in the lower right of the home page.


Dzamir said...

I'm using the trial from 20 days and I think that I will buy it. It saved my life when I was out of schedule and it helped me to synthetize a lot of variables :D

Scott Squires said...

Where are the Obj-C pretty printer or pure formatters for existing code?

rwenderlich said...

If you're looking for just an automatic generator for your properties, synthesize statements, and memory deallocation from a class member variable, Matt Gallagher from Cocoa with Love has a free Xcode user script that does this:

Not as full featured as Accessorizer, but the price is right :]

rjnes said...

The macros are cool, but limiting. For the time (and mistakes saved), Accessorizer is easily worth every penny. Killer feature: it can automatically choose various property settings based on the type of ivar it parses. It also does 1.0 explicit accessors, init methods,handles prefixes and suffixes ... I bought it after quickly realizing how much time and aggravation it saved me when I needed to bang out indexed accessors and accessors for NSSet and when I needed to write keyed archiving code. Easily worth 15 bucks. And with Services support, it's a no brainer.

Jeff LaMarche said...


Yeah, the service is great. Any comment, feedback, or bug I've ever sent Kevin has been responded to immediately.


I have no idea. Can't say I've ever needed one. Xcode does a pretty good job of formatting the code, so not sure when I'd need to do more complex reformatting than is already built into Xcode.