Wednesday, September 16, 2009

Persistence Pays Off

Here's a report that says Microsoft's Bing search engine has captured over 10% of the search market. That's pretty impressive, but when you take into account that Yahoo! search is also powered by Bing, that means the Bing search engine is actually handling 26.7% of search traffic. That's over a quarter of the search traffic being handled by a product that's only existed for four months.


That's impressive, phenomenal growth, and Google should be just a little concerned. It'll be a while before Bing has a chance of knocking Google out of its number one position, but they certainly look like they are going to fight the good fight in search now. I bet this number continues to grow for a while, they look to have momentum and are getting almost exclusively good press.

There's no doubt that Bing's presentation is slick and the search engine is capable. It's going to be a lot of fun watching the competition between Google and Microsoft heat up. It will also be interesting to see if Microsoft can get more of their departments to find their groove the way Search has. Maybe they should consider transferring some of Bing's management team over to the Windows Mobile groups.


Yury said...

Thanks. We've been working hard lately.

Joel Bernstein said...

How much of this is just that Bing is the default search engine for the latest version of the most popular browser?

I mean, IE8 market share is around 15% and growing. If the MSN search in IE7 is redirected to Bing, that number is closer to 40%.

Jeff LaMarche said...


Indeed, you have! Congratulations on the hard-earned success.


No way to say. Certainly, they get some of their traffic as a result of being the default, but so does Google for being the default in Safari, Mobile Safari, Opera, and Firefox (I know you can change it in Firefox and Opera, but most people don't).

I never considered using Live Search, but I view Bing as a viable search engine. In my experience, it yields comparable, and sometimes even better, results than Google. It's not my default search engine yet (due largely to the convenience of the Google search box in Safari) but I do use it sometimes, usually when I fail to find what I'm looking for with Google or want more results than I was able to find with Google.

Who knows? Maybe some day in the future, Bing will be my default. And given that I'm not exactly Microsoft's biggest fan, that would indicate that the Search team at Microsoft is doing a lot of things right.