Thursday, September 3, 2009

OpenGL Workshop

Okay, listen up. Anyone who's planning on attending 360|iDev and who is also interested in learning OpenGL from a really, really great teacher, I've got some important news for you.

And no, the great teacher is not me.

But it is somebody I go to when I'm confused about OpenGL. It's a person who knows as much about computer graphics and game development as anyone I've ever met. The teacher is Noel Llopis, developer of (among other things) Flower Garden for the iPhone. Noel is an author, speaker, and game developer who is very active in the game industry, and he's teaching a threetwo day OpenGL ES class immediately before 360|iDev at the same venue. Hotel rooms at the conference price are available for the workshop, as well.

If you're interested in going, there's only one more day on the early bird rate, so you probably want to register ASAP.

This is the best resource currently available for learning OpenGL ES for the iPhone and spaces are limited.


JRock said...

i'd love to go and am < 90 minutes from boston, but can't drop a grand on the class. i know live classes are great, but how about a webcast class and charge everyone like $200. my guess is you would get a bunch more signups and it would alleviate the travel, hotel, etc of attending a conference.

btw - you are so dead on right about flash and i'm sorry, but flash development is like a stick in the eye.

Jeff LaMarche said...

This isn't in Boston, this one's in Denver.

I've been talking with a few people about doing online classes. Can't say much yet, but there's a definite possibility of that happening, but am just in the early stages of looking at it.

And please don't drudge up the Flash stuff again. I'm still sore from the last go-round. :)

K. A. Barber said...

I thought he decided he would not be able to make it......

Paul said...

Jeff, do you know of any similar events coming to the UK, a 2 day workshop on OpenGL wouldnt be a great help!