Monday, September 21, 2009

MV Blackjack - More Dev Folder Housecleaning

Here is an Xcode project for a simple Blackjack program. This is another one that was developed as part of a writing assignment, but then ultimately not used. This shows how you can use Core Animation rather than OpenGL to create a simple game. The cards are "dealt" to both players using the animatable properties of the views, and the effect is quite nice considering how simple it is to implement.


Philippe said...

Thanks for sharing!

Great book btw ;)

Austin said...

Hey, thanks for this. I am trying to install it on my iPhone to see how it looks on it but I get a code sign error. Any idea as to how I can fix it?

Shaw said...

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Edwin said...

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alen mcmilan said...

Hey I just bought iphone last week and I just recently download this game I will try to use this tips so thanks for sharing dear.