Monday, August 31, 2009

Sad Tales from the Android App Store

Makes you think twice before abandoning the iPhone, even with the hassles and review process problems, doesn't it?


Mostly Torn said...

If I do abandon the iPhone as a development platform (which some days feels more like a good idea than others), it certainly won't be for another mobile phone platform. It would be to concentrate on Mac desktop application development. I really enjoy the Cocoa / Objective-C dev environment and can't see switching to some other dev environment any time soon.

If it weren't for the frustratingly inconsistent app approval process from Apple, I'd not even be thinking of abandoning the iPhone. Since I develop apps for 3rd parties (and average about 1 new app a week), the experience of dealing with the Apple review team has a large influence on my opinion.

Jean-Paul said...

I developed one app. It was fun learning about new things. The money I made didn't pay for my time costs etc, but did get the experience. I think the end users expect too much and want to pay too little. I am kind of lurking in the background - waiting. I am thinking the tablet would be more appropriate for my development time. More horsepower for business type apps = higher software prices.

K. A. Barber said...

There is nowhere to switch to right now, at least no other platform with the capabilities and market of the IPhone/IPod Touch. The ITablet that everyone rumors to be releasing will be the closest is form and capability (I hope).

The market place is what is driving us and killing us. Eventually its "kinks" will be worked out. I put kinks in quotes because regular people only have the smallest inkling that somethings not right in there.

Android as a development platform is not as fleshed out as the IPhone SDK but the real problems there are a weak app market and the possibility of a fragmented app market much in the same vein as Windows Mobile. Too many different handsets differing in form,capability, and carrier. This will make it difficult to float the risk of developing exclusive titles for it.

The Zune HD may not become a real threat commercially but it will become an interesting development diversion for all who have the money and patience to play M$ game. It will have the closet capability to the IPod Touch and if priced correctly could sell well to people not drinking the apple koolaid.

Palm is where Apple was a few years back before the SDK proper dropped but without the hype. I have friends buying Pres to counter my IPhone fu. I am reserving "development" judgment there until an actual SDK releases.

Right now as far as risk and ROA is concerned IPhone/IPod Touch is the safest place to set up shop. Others will catch up but for now I can't see developing commercial handheld software for anything else.

K. A. Barber said...

In my above post ROA should be ROI...

Alex Koloskov said...

It's sad to see that Android brings such laughable revenues, but I can't say that iPhone is bringing tons of money either. Even with right promotion, including What's Hot placement it doesn't recoup the development costs at least in my experience.

Jeff LaMarche said...


There are definitely apps on the iPhone App Store that aren't bringing in money. But this article was about the #1 selling game on the Android store. If your'e the #1 selling game on the iPhone App Store, you are making a lot of money.

There's no guarantee you're going to make money in either place, but the Android store doesn't seem to have much potential for money making at the moment either.