Thursday, July 23, 2009

Waving the Red Flag

Craig Hockenberry has just posted a very important piece of information for anyone with applications on the App Store.. Go read it.


Michael said...

ermm not sure about that. I've use many times with no more luck than the usual.

However after waiting 40 days with an app in review, the best service I had was by ringing and speaking to an ADC representative, who took all the details and forwarded onto the "relevant" dept. Tool a few days but I eventually got a response re my app (which unfortunately was a rejection).


Mostly Torn said...

That's just the standard email address black-hole that all the rejection and "delay" emails come from.

It's nothing new and certainly isn't an open communication channel.

You can read more about my rant regarding trying to use that address to communicate with Apple here.

Mitch said...

I've recently had the need to post a critical update to one of our apps, and the response from this email just kept giving me the stock reply of "if you need technical help for code level problems, please email...". It was ridiculous, considering my problem had nothing to do with our code, just the time it takes for the update to be approved.

It has to be said, Apple are extremely appalling when it comes to issues like this.

Jeff LaMarche said...

Sorry to hear it's not as Craig reported it. I'm fortunate enough not to have to deal with these issues, but was hoping to spread some good news. :(

Chris said...

Jeff, thanks for sharing this link. I'm now having the same issue on two apps I have submitted to Apple. Here are my trials and tribulations: