Wednesday, July 15, 2009

Updating Project Hint

If you update an Xcode project from SDK 2.x to SDK 3.x, and you get some really weird compile errors in UILocalizedIndexedCollation (or other UIKit classes) when Xcode processes the precompiled headers, the problem is probably that you need to change the compiler version from GCC 4.0 to GCC 4.2. The project templates were updated, so this isn't an issue with starting new projects, but when updating an older project, you have to manually change the compiler being used.

You can do that by selecting Edit Project Settings... from the Project menu, and navigating to the Build tab.

Look for the entry called C/C++ Compiler Version, and change it from GCC 4.0 to GCC 4.2


Michael said...

Thanks Jeff.

Is it worth updating old projects regardless or only if there are issues. I'm not expert enough to understand the different between the versions of the compiler to make an informed decision!

Jeff LaMarche said...

Generally, unless you specifically want to take advantage of a new feature, there's no point in updating your project. The one advantage is if you periodically update your projects, when you do reach a point where you want to, you're not stuck trying to update through several revisions. Typically, only a few things change in the project info for each upgrade, but those do accumulate over time, so a few years down the line, updating a 2.0 project to SDK 5.1 might be a bear. Other than that, though, there's no real advantage if you're not going to use new features.

Michael said...

Jeff, thanks for the reply. You always make every thing make sense!


Edwin said...

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