Sunday, June 7, 2009

Yet Another Post for WWDC First-Timer's

Brent Simmons of NewNewsWire fame has a fine blog posting full of information for WWDC first timers. I'm not a coffee drinker, so can't really comment on his statements with regard to that particular beverage, but in general, if you have a caffeinated beverage of choice, you probably want to arrange to get some and bring it with you. There are beverages provided, but not necessarily when you'll need them or in sufficient quantity to ensure you'll get one.

I do find it odd that Brent recommends Denny's for late-night after-booze dining but lambasts the Moscone food as "awful". The food at Moscone West is far from stellar, but it's considerably better than the nearby Denny's. Then again, we all have different standards when we're sober then when we're three sheets to the wind and I've ended up there on more than one occasion myself, so...,

Personally, I never found the Moscone food to be that bad and lunchtime can be a great time for visiting the labs without having to give up a session.


slimemoldjuice said...

Goodness folks, Denny's has got to be the worst pick in a city like San Francisco -- a foodie mecca the world over.

You can cruise one block north to the Metreon which has decent food. You can head west on Folsom a few blocks and you'll be in the capital of SOMA food. Head a few blocks north and you're in Nob Hill.

Come on people!

Jeff LaMarche said...

Well, in all fairness, the Metreon is not open at 3:00 am, when most WWDC'ers end up at Denny's.

But you can do better than Denny's.