Saturday, June 20, 2009

Willpower Fail

After posting yesterday that I was going to be responsible and wait a few weeks before getting a iPhone 3Gs, I ended up running out and getting one this morning when I found out the nearest Apple store had some still in stock. I got a 32 gig black model. I haven't used it much, but first impressions are pretty fabulous. Video looks good, touch-to-focus works really well, camera does much better in low-light, and sound quality seems to be better. But the biggest difference you notice is how snappy everything is. Apps launch faster, the keyboard responds quicker and never hiccups.

I'll post my full impressions after I've had a day or two to play with it, but I'm really excited to see what people do with this new hardware. I think we're going to see some awesome games and other programs before long.


Ralf Rottmann said...

:-) Same here, Jeff. I got mine this Friday. My impression is not it's twice as fast, it feels like being ten times as fast.

So the "S" for Speed justifies very well.

I underestimated how much the fun factor increases with this boost in performance.

While playing with CoreLocation I noticed that updates fly in now and the accuracy is much higher after way less time compared to the 3G.

Overall: I love it!

Scott McMillin said...

Jeff, you provide such fantastic content on this blog, why not add a tip jar/donation link so we readers can defray some of the cost of that new iPhone?


K. A. Barber said...

I am leaning precariously off the edge of the "no frivolous purchases" wagon myself. I keep calling AT&T to try and talk them into subsidizing me (I am still 4 months out) but its not working. My wife thinks I lack the willpower to wait until Oct for it. I have some cool ideas I want to proof of concept. That justifies purchase? Right? I would be buying it in the name of scientific research.

kimptoc said...

Now I can say how well I have resisted.. even though I don't have a contract to break at the moment... but I have only had my pay-as-you-go iphone 3g for 6 months... must keep resisting... mmm

Jeff LaMarche said...


I agree. The processor may only be a bit faster, but that extra RAM is huge. Average heap space available for applications has gone from < 25 megs (and often < 10 megs) to over 100 megs. That's a huge difference on a device that won't swap volatile ram to the filesystem.


Thanks for the comment and I appreciate the gesture. Honestly, I felt bad enough adding ads to the site. I consider the blog to be my calling card. The more people who know me, the easier it will be to find work when I'm done with my current book project.

Anyone who's interested in "paying me back" can buy me a beer at WWDC or another conference I attend (not sure yet if I'm going to make 360 or C4, but would like to do both if time and finances permit).

And pay it forward - when you get a chance, help somebody else learn to program.

K.A. Barber

Not to influence you - I don't know your financial situation or what kind of concepts you're looking to try out - but I would say that developers (game devs especially) really should have both the fastest and slowest machines they target with their applications to do proper unit testing.


I feel for you. It's going to get tougher as people start exploiting the power of the new phone with their apps. I think within six months, there will be a lot of 3Gs-only apps in the store.

ScottYelich said...

We should (all) get together for a beer after the iPhone class in NYC.
(another) Scott
ps: I'm resisting linking to vids of 9mo old emma taken on the 3GS -- the 3GS is awesome.