Friday, May 29, 2009

Part 6

Just a quick warning. For the last several weekends, my weekend ritual has been to write an installment of the OpenGL ES From the Ground Up tutorials. The sixth installment probably won't be coming out this weekend, however.

I'm backlogged on my current writing project, plus my daughters are in four dance performances this weekend, and I have relatives coming into town. The chance that I'll be able to sneak off and geek out writing about OpenGL ES are slim to none. But never fear, more installments will be forthcoming.


Berko said...

You are such the slacker! :)

Álvaro Balbontín said...

Wait patiently. Your tutorials are great and I don´t miss any!

Patrick Alessi said...

Good luck with the recitals! My daughter is in dance too and recitals are quite a stressful time!

akfaka said...

Your tut is great and very helpful for an OpenGL newbie like me. I have the basics down pretty well, but my biggest problem is how to apply it to an actual app, like how to apply an object like the monkey head from Blender to the iPhone, I have payed with it but with no luck, it seems to use too much memory and processor power. Could you give some guildence on how to animate the monkey head? Thank you so much for you tut again.

Jeff LaMarche said...


I'll get there, but it would be premature. There are some topics that need to be covered before we can think of doing animation. We'll get there, and I'll try to remember to use the Monkey head when I do.