Wednesday, May 13, 2009

No Steve-Note

Well, it's official, there will be no Stevenote at WWDC. Phil Schiller will be giving the keynote presentation.

For the record, I thought Phil did a great job with the MacWorld keynote, so I'm not knocking him, I just hope this isn't an indication of more serious health problems than has been admitted. The original six month hiatus would have Steve returning to active duty in June, so I think many of us were holding out hope that Steve would be at WWDC and healthy.

Get well soon, Steve.

via Bill Dudney


JFMartin said...

I think Steve's comback will materialize with the launch of the next iPhone.

Michael said...

The problem with any health issue is that you really don't know how long it will take you to mend. I had back surgery 6 months ago and am still barely mobile and in constant pain. They say it could be another year or it could be next month before things get better. So who knows. Let's hope SJ is OK and getting better...but for the moment Phil will do a great job I'm sure.