Monday, May 18, 2009

iPhone Intelligence Party

Raven Zachary has announced this year's iPhone Intelligence WWDC party at the Harlot. Monday, June 8, 7-11 PM. RSVP required. I attended last year's, and it was hopping. The Harlot's just not very big, though, so if you plan to go, RSVP, and get there early, or you'll probably have to wait outside for someone to leave.

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ScottYelich said...

I met/knew Raven from Santa Fe in the early/mid 90s. I followed him briefly on twitter -- but there were just far too many tweets for me. :-/ I sent'm a message, but maybe he get just too many messages to respond to every one as I did not hear anything back. Hope you enjoy the meeting, Jeff! (btw: I'm not going to WWDC this year either). I hope if there is more code available this time, it's not covered by NDA or blocked from release.