Friday, May 15, 2009

Feed Changes

I have changed the RSS and ATOM feeds to only display part of the posting. I've now found three different websites that have been using my feeds to display my content in its entirety without attribution. I doubt I can stop that, but I can make it a more labor-intensive process by not publishing entire blog postings in my RSS feed anymore.

I apologize for any readers who will be inconvenienced by this. You have been inconvenienced because of others' dishonesty.

Change of Plans: After a few readers who read my blog using Google Reader requested that I not truncate the posts in the feed, I have decided to restore full feeds, however comments will not be included in the feed, and feed postings will have a copyright notice appended to the end of them.


name lost said...

just present useful compressed info in abstract like heading and I'm fine with that ;-)
thanks for all writings so far )

Ken Pespisa said...

I'm happy to deal with it if it foils the thieves. You've got an excellent blog and I hate to see it damaged by plagiarists.

I agree with "name lost" who says it would help to have a short abstract. The last two posts came into my reader with just a title and no excerpt.

Tim said...

Clicking through to read the article on the website doesn't bother me. The RSS feed is useful to let me know when there's something new, so I don't have to poll the site manually, but I'm fine with reading actual content in a web browser. (And with a number of sites I do that even if they publish full articles in their feeds ... with long content, or specially-formatted stuff like code, it's often easier to read a real web page.)

Bob Walder said...

It's a real shame you have been forced to do that, though I fully understand your reasons.

However I, like many, use RSS readers to sift through an awful lot of material, and if I cannot read the content in my RSS reader then I don't have the time to click through to the original site.

Spare a thought for mobile users too - once you have downloaded everything into an RSS reader on the iPhone it is best if it is there in its entirety to read. Clicking through on a mobile browser over an Edge connection is just plain painful, and therefore will not happen.

Once again, it is the legit users and copyright owners who end up suffering for the actions of the thieves and morons. Shame.

bobot said...

Hi Jeff-

This seems like a knee-jerk reaction to me. Yes, it sucks that people are posting your work without attribution. However, there are plenty of authors who have struggled with this without cutting the meat out of their RSS feed. I'm sad that I will no longer be able to read your articles on the bus in Google Reader.

Jeff LaMarche said...


Not a knee-jerk reaction, one that I put quite a bit of thought into. I tried several ways of getting it resolved , and this seemed like the best solution given the situation.

That being said, since it is interfering with people's ability to read the blog, I will put it back to full feeds as soon as I can figure out how to put a copyright notice and attribution line in the feed. Certainly before my next posting.


KVR said...

Hi, I agree with Tim on this one - it's handy to get notification that you've posted a new article and hardly a hardship to click 'Read More' to see the full thing!

Thanks for the excellent content - it's a pity there are people out there too thick to generate their own and think it's OK to steal yours.

VesperDEM said...

Jeff, I have absolutely no problem opening your site to read your posts. Considering the nature of the posts, it's pretty much a given anyway.

You should protect your IP as much as any corporate site would.

I use Google Reader, and it's a simple key press to visit the site to read the post. I see no reason that you should post the entire article in your feeds.

Just my opinion, for what its worth. :)

ShogoDoddo said...

Fully behind you Jeff on this, do as you feel necessary, I will continue to reading your excellent blog entries regardless. These thieves are pure filth.

Regards Shogo