Tuesday, April 28, 2009

WWDC Has Sold Out

According to Matt Drance, Frameworks Evangelist at Apple, Elvis has left the building, and he took the last WWDC ticket with him. Hope you got your tickets, it gonna be swell.


DadGuy said...

My boss has an e-ticket that he will probably give me, but likely won't pay for more than that. I'm sad to miss it again this year, but I can't afford to send myself. Looking forward to the session videos, here's hoping they are released less than 6 months after it was over.

Jo said...

Did your boss find a home for his WWDC ticket? If he will transfer it, we are ADC members and badly want to obtain a spare ticket. We will happily buy it. any chance? Can you please reply with a posting and I will watch for it?

thanks, Jo