Monday, April 20, 2009

Out of Pocket

My new computer is at the Apple Store having some warranty service done on it (fans are being replaced). As a result, I'm essentially computerless at the moment. I've got my iPhone, and my wife has a MacBook I can use sometimes, but it doesn't have most of the software I need installed on it, so I'm falling behind on a lot of things, and I'm also not being very responsive to e-mails. I apologize to anyone who has contacted me over the last three or four days and hasn't received a response. It looks like there's a good chance that my computer will be done today (fingers crossed everyone), so hopefully I will start catching up in the A.M. with everybody.

Also, part 2 of my OpenGL for Beginners blog series is almost done. It just needs some editing and a couple of tweaks, so I should be able to post it tomorrow. But, then, I need to buckle down and focus on a a bunch of other things I've fallen behind on, so don't expect part 3 any earlier than this weekend.


Aaron said...

What sort of fan trouble where you having? I am curious because I have a relatively new MacBook Pro and want to know what signs to look for.

Jeff LaMarche said...


You'll know it, if it happens. The right fan, when going at full spin, was buzzing at about 100 decibels. It was LOUD.