Wednesday, April 1, 2009

Happy Birthday, Apple, Inc.

As most of you probably know, today is the 33rd anniversary of the founding of Apple Computer, Inc., which later became Apple, Inc.


Dauntless said...

This post sounds a little defensive :)

Everyone's needs are different. I could afford a $40,000 BMW but I prefer my $9000 Hyundai. I love my $600 PC. I'm trying to hate my $1300 iMac.

I really liked your iPhone book.

Jeff LaMarche said...

Wrong post. :)

Not defensive. A little annoyed, yes. I'm not suggesting nobody should buy a $699 computer, but I think the specific $699 computer the chose was a poor choice for most people and was chosen specifically to imply something that's patently untrue.

For the record, I actually drive an inexpensive car - a nine year old Saturn SC. It meets my needs. But, I'm not about to argue that my inexpensive compact car is the same as a BMW Coupe. I like it, but there are lots of features it doesn't have that the BMW would, it's not as sturdily built, the engine is less powerful, etc.

It doesn't change that it would be silly to send someone to the BMW dealership with $10,000 to spend.

It wasn't my intention to argue that nobody should buy a less expensive machine or a non-Apple machine. I just pointed out that the implied comparison in the ad was silly.

There are many other Windows (and non-Windows) machines that are a much better value at $699. The specific choice of a 17" machine was inherently dishonest. While on one hand they were deriding Apple's computers as being "too cool", they then on the other hand intentionally picked a machine for superficial reasons (Wow! It's a 17" laptop!) and sacrificing the factors that would matter to most people.