Friday, April 3, 2009

Apple Design Awards

Sorry for the dearth of technical postings lately - I'm spending a lot of my time on stuff that I can't post about for a number of reasons. I did want to point out, especially for people new to the Apple development universe, the Apple Design Awards. If you've developed a cool or interesting (and well-designed) application for the Mac or iPhone, you should submit it. Four Mac and four iPhone applications will be selected to receive a design award. This award is quite a feather in your cap as a developer, and could very well lead to more sales. On top of that, if you do win, you'll get two 15-inch MacBook Pros, two 30-inch Apple Cinema Displays, two 16GB iPhone 3Gs, two 16GB iPod touch, an ADC 2009 Premier Membership, and reimbursement of your WWDC 2009 E-ticket.

The awards will be presented at WWDC.


Eric Busch said...

Thanks for the tip! I've submitted my app for the best Student iPhone App, but I don't expect to get picked. ;)

I figure I may as well submit it though!

Aaron said...

Out of curiosity do you know if they will reimburse all your team members WWDC tickets if you win?

Jeff LaMarche said...


I don't know - but I'm sure somebody at developer relations can answer that question.

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