Tuesday, January 20, 2009

We got Slashdotted!

Our book got a very favorable review from the nice folks over at Slashdot. The so-called Slashdot-effect has driven our Amazon sales rank down to a new record low of #33.

Update: Over 24 hours later, and we're still hovering pretty consistently between #25 and #35 (we're #31 as I type this). Slashdot is my best friend right now.


Adrian Kosmaczewski said...

Way to go!!! You deserve it, I've been reading the book lately and it's a joy, very well written! Excellent work!

Jeff LaMarche said...

Thanks, Adrian.

kimptoc said...


You have probably seen this, but there is a small review of the book here too:


"This is the best book for learning native iPhone development."


PS I have skimmed the book enough to progress my app and its helped alot - thanks.

ScottYelich said...

Am I crazy, or wouldn't that rather be something like: driven our Amazon sales rank up to a new record high of #33. ? I dunno, I'll work more on getting my next app rejected. :-) In his best GHB -- ``UP good, DOWN bad'' (in this case)...