Saturday, January 3, 2009

Macworld 2009

Okay, folks: it's now less than a day until I leave for Macworld. I hope to finish up the Particle Engine code and blog post on the flight out to California and hope to post it by Monday. I've got everything working except for mapping textures to the particles, which is what allows really cool effects.

If you're going to be at Macworld and see me, please say "hi!". I'm quite friendly and rarely bite. I'll be around the show floor or seated at the tables outside the show floor in Moscone South a good bulk of the day on most days - I have very little in the way of scheduled activities during the day this year, and will spend most of that time either writing, coding, or looking for people I want to meet or see again.

In the past, I've gotten to Moscone North pretty early on Tuesday in hopes of getting into the big room. The RDF works much better in the big room and its effects are more fun. I'll probably sleep in a little this year - I'm not sure being in the big room for a Philnote is worth losing sleep over, though I'll definitely go sit in the overflow room and see how he does. I don't envy him - Jobs is a tough act to follow and it's going to be tough to keep people from being at least a little disappointed.

On Monday night, I'm going to the informal meetup at Tommy's Mexican at 7:00 pm organized by Tequila connoisseur and programmer extraordinaire, B.Bum. On Tuesday night, I'm going to stop by the CocoaHeads meeting at the Apple Store to watch Mike Lee give his new and improved "Pimp My App" presentation. I've heard the original presentation was excellent, so it should be a real treat. If you go, get there early. The CocoaHeads at WWDC was literally standing room only. I was standing in the printer section myself. I'd like to actually be able to hear the presentation this time, so I'll be there early. I'm sure there will be other events in the evenings that I will attend, but that's all that's on my calender so far.

I will be using Twitter to let people know where I am all week, so if you're interested in saying "hi", you might want to follow me. I'll probably have a few copies of the iPhone book to give away. No promises, but I've got quite a few copies taking up space that I need for words written by other people.


Eric Busch said...

Enjoy yourself! I wish I could be there, but it's quite expensive for a student to fly there from Minnesota.

Jeff LaMarche said...


I'm sure I'll have fun, and I can sympathize with you. I watched from the sidelines many years. Heck, even this year it would have been a stretch if I didn't have so many frequent flyer miles and hotel points.

I especially feel bad for the people who scraped money together to come so they could see a Stevenote in person, and are getting a Philnote instead...

I've been inside the RDF enough times that I'm not too upset, but if it were my first time coming, I'd be livid.

Michael said...

Have a great time...shame we don't have any events like that here in the UK. BTW thanks for your great articles...finding them really interesting.