Thursday, November 20, 2008

Very Nice

Today, our book got a very nice plug from, with even a quote from my co-author. Big thanks to those folks for the kind words. If you're into music and technology, you should check them out.

Also, no a completely unrelated note, the holiday shopping season has arrived early this year. I know this because all the Google advertisements on the blogs I read have switched from iPhone and Mac related stuff to jewelry, perfume, and other such things.

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JRock said...

Hi Jeff,

I'm on Chapter 6 of your book (trying to do at least 1 chapter per night) and I agree that your book is an excellent resource for learning the iPhone development environment. I purchased another book on iPhone development and found yours to be much easier to follow and more comprehensive. In general, I find Apress books to be of very high quality (I own like 15).

Being a .NET developer, I thought becoming familiar with the new environment would be daunting. In fact, I find that I'm picking it up much quicker than I anticipated and I'm looking forward to publishing some of my smaller app ideas in the semi-near future.