Thursday, November 6, 2008

Captain Obvious Strikes Back

Okay, I learned one today that I didn't know, and probably is known by everyone else but me.

Now, I did know that the iPhone headphones have a microphone - it's that little white plastic bit on the wire leading to the right earbud. What I didn't know was that that microphone is also a control device. Squeeze it. Go ahead. It clicks, right? So, that can be used to start and stop music, skip to the next track (double click), and move back to the previous track (triple-click).

Most of the time, my hand is actually closer to the phone than to the headphones, but it's still very cool to know about this.

I picked this bit of info up from the always excellent John Gruber over at Daring Fireball.


Glenn Rempe said...

"Okay, I learned one today that I didn't know, and probably is known by everyone else but me."

Yes, I think that is a true statement :-)

(click iPhone included accessories)

"Listen to music, videos, and phone calls. Use the built-in microphone to talk. Press the mic button to answer or end a call. When listening to iPod, press the button once to play or pause a song, or press twice quickly to skip to the next track."

Oh, and the new MacBooks and MBP's support using this headphone for headphone, mic, and iTunes click support.

Berko said...

This might make you feel better. I was in a movie with a friend of mine and when the movie started, I saw him turn the volume down. I asked him why he didn't just flip the silence switch. Apparently he didn't know that's what it did.

Jeff LaMarche said...


What would give you the idea that I'd ever read a manual or look at the tips page for a product I own? Half the fun of owning a product is figuring out how to make it work :)

Yeah.. my wife thinks it's a pretty silly way to go through life, but what the heck? I'm too old to change my ways now.