Friday, October 31, 2008

Elvis has Left the Building

I was just informed that the indexer is done and the last piece of the book is at the printers. I think this has to count as being "officially" done, although it won't feel real until I have a copy in my hand.

By the way, the final cover was a grapefruit, and it looks good and matches well with the other books in the series that will be coming out, which all have different kinds of citrus fruits. Again, please don't ask me why we have citrus fruits, I don't know any more than I know why O'Reilly has woodcuts on theirs. It looks good, and that's all that matters.

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daimoh said...

I read the sample chapter and loved it; I'm so desperate for the whole thing - how can I get it before the publishers finish firing up their antiquated printing presses?

I was thinking to get the eBook version - is it possible to get that earlier? There's no mention of it on the Publisher site, nor on Amazon...