Monday, September 22, 2008

Book Update and Article

In addition to the iPhone book (which is about halfway through copy editing now, so darn close to done), Dave and I have been writing articles for Apple's developer web site. We don't get a byline, but the articles are fun to write and Apple's been really great to work with.

The first article we wrote for them went online Friday. You can find it here:

We've got another one in the can that should go live soon, and one really big article (might end up as a three-parter, but still waiting for Apple to weigh in on doing that) that's written, but hasn't been edited yet.

Still no word on when the book will be published. Like everybody else, we're hoping Apple will give us some hint about when or if the NDA will drop. It's very frustrating, this whole NDA thing. I understand that there are probably valid patent-filing reasons for it, but it's extremely frustrating. I've got many postings that I've wanted to do here, but couldn't because of the NDA, and the book is in quasi limbo, since it can't be published until the NDA is dropped.

Ah, well...

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