Monday, August 25, 2008

SQLitePersistentObjects now in Google Code Repository

Check it out - you can always get the latest and greatest from here:

There aren't any substantive changes since the initial release - I'm starting to get chapters back now fast and furious and have to get as much done as I can before I leave on vacation. Anyone who is interested in contributing to the project, just drop me a line.


Adrian Kosmaczewski said...

Great! Thanks! I'm sure to check it out today. I've got a project where I need this functionality. Have you tried ? It's a pre-CoreData persistence framework using (again) SQLite, and I wonder whether it works on the iPhone (like yours).

Jeff LaMarche said...

I vaguely remember looking at DataCrux a while back. I think the reason I chose to not use it is the same reason that I chose not to go with the ActiveRecord implementation for Cocoa - both require you to do manual database work (creating the database with the tables you need). Additionally, DataCrux also requires you to create mapings dictionaries to tell it how to map objects to the database.

That just seemed like a maintenance hassle to me. I wanted a library where the database just disappeared into the background. I wanted it to be completely possible for someone to persist objects without ever writing a line of SQL or creating a database. My goal was to have something that just worked when you create an object, but also wanted the data to be stored in a way that it could be queried and manipulated using the sqlite3 query tool. Although not perfect, I think I've mostly achieved these two goals, and I'm not aware of any other project that does. That's not to say one doesn't exist, just that I never found it.