Friday, March 14, 2008

An iPhone App

I really hate the chilling effect the NDA is having on the iPhone developer community right now. There is no mailing list where we can talk tech about this, or ask others for feedback, and we have been admonished not to talk about it even on Apple's official Cocoa-dev mailing list, where developers turn to each other for help with coding problems.

I understand, to some extent, why Apple is doing this, but given the fact that any Schmoe can sign up for an ADC free membership and moments later download the SDK, it seems a little overkill. I would fully agree and understand this if, like most pre-release software, the SDK was seeded only to Select and Premiere members of ADC, but since it's not, it's bordering on silly. It's like putting a notice on a bulletin board and then asking people not to talk about it. Except that Apple has a means of enforcing this edict, and it's one smart developers are not going to risk facing, since it will have a pronounced affect on their bottom line.

I may not be able to share the code or write a tutorial about how I did it, but I certainly can show you a screenshot of the little app I hacked out last night. This took me about two hours: a little less than one hour for the code, and a little more than an hour to take the pictures of the dice, crop and resize the photos, and make the icons.

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